First and foremost, my sculpture is a means of expression, exploration, and communication.

The works are reflective of the surroundings we live in, a combination of iron, stone, and sometimes, crystal.

Each piece is unique, and a timeless representation of a feeling, mood, or hidden message. Much of the metal in the work is found strewn about the shores of the Bay of Fundy.

Metal shaped by nature in the sea, over time. as wharf pins, holding together the fish houses and wharves of ship builders of a time long ago.

I enjoy working in both abstraction and realism, in a combination of past, present, and future. Some pieces are static, frozen in time. some, encapsulating subliminal motion. On a different level, my work carries a message about the mechanics and the power of nature, a message where humanity must live in harmony with the things around them.

- G. A. Jank - 2014